Qustn builds solutions for complex challenges in learning management space. I was the first designer at the company and designed chiefly for Capabiliti - a mobile-first learning management platform for distant learners. My work revolved designing for 2 paradigms: to improve the experience for current users and a revamp from the ground up to position us as a SAAS product.

Experience of Creating a New Course

Before: Approx. time taken by an experienced user to create course: 60 seconds.

After: Approx. time taken by an experienced user to create course: 20 seconds. Let's say in production it will be approximate 30 seconds.

Design Shots: Upload Experience

Improving the experience of uploading a media file.



Visual Design Experience on Mobile

What I Learned

Clients aren't the users
It was interesting to see that there were requests only for new features and functionalities by clients. There was rare feedback, response or opinion on design/usability/layouts ever. All major redesigns or change in strategies were initiated by us. This happened because the people representing the clients were not the end users.

Developers need to be reminded they aren't the users
Non-designers tend to prefer solutions that take the shortest route between problem and solution. It was interesting and sometimes challenging to explain or convince them that the scenic route often times uncovers more pressing problems.

I am not the user
Being new to the trade, I initially did the naive mistakes of using hairline weight fonts, low contrast grays and oversimplified copywriting. Testing those designs on legacy computers and smartphones brought me to the realization that I was wrongly designing for myself, not my users.

Team = Product
Going on Tea breaks (India is a hot country, most people don't drink coffee) and lunches with people from sales, marketing, and engineering teams helped me understand them, their point of views on different products, and challenges they face in their roles. I could sense improved compatibility with the engineering team over time with leading to better communication and smoother design to engineering handoffs.

I learned to use the right words. For example instead of saying 'a minimal layout looks better', explaining the team that 'it emphasizes the content and calls-to-action, which helps to persuade and convert users better.'

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